Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Eyebrow Routine

Ever since I saw Lisa Eldridge used Suqqu Eyebrow Pen to fill her brow, I’ve always been intrigued. The Suqqu one is hard to find and expensive. I picked similar one from Kanebo Media in Watsons, Taiwan. It has been great worn by itself or together with brow shader from MAC. This combination has been a lifesaver for my very sparse eyebrow and oily skin. The powder itself does not last through the whole day, at least on my very oily skin. This liquid based brow pen extends the wear time and adds more depth to my eyebrow.

I’m using the color dark brown, which perfectly match my brow color.  My favorite way using this is on top of the powder and drawing short lines following the hair growth. I find that this method gives more natural finish rather than using powder more heavily

To sum up, I use Mac Brow Shader on top of my foundation, so it can stick better. Then, I set it with the brow pen. All are applied with short strokes following the natural hair growth

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  1. Ohh that is pretty neat! I never use a Liquid one before. I just use a pencil and eyeshadow. I am new on IBB, pls check my blog: and let's follow each other shall we? Let's support each other. :) thx so much

    1. thx dear.. I will check your blog for sure :)