Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Revlon Lippie Collection

I like to mix my make up with high end and cheaper products. I will try to make sure that I got a unique product from the more expensive brand. Something that I can not find on the cheaper brand. For lipsticks, I think Revlon have the great quality, great price and great colours. I always apply my lip product before I leave home, wipe before I eat/drink anything and forget to re-apply it. I always find myself get bored with the color after just a couple of use. That's why I'm leaning towards cheaper brand like Revlon.

L-R: crimson, rosy nude, peach, soft nude, black berry, nude attitude, mauve it over, strawberry suede, really red, creme brulee, tutti frutti, red velvet,
Top-Bottom: Colorburst in Papaya, Colorstay Ultimate in Supreme Sienna

My favourites are Rosy Nude which provides fresher nudy look for my fair skin, Black Berry (a very versatile color depending on how you use them) and Strawberry Suede, a schizophrenic matte red that changes color depending on the lighting.

Except for the colorstay, one of these cost around Rp 30,000 - Rp 75,000 (if I'm not wrong)

On my wish list at the moment are Berry Smoothie and Black Cherry

What's your favourite color?



  1. aku suka yang warna rose velvet <3 naturan banget jd bisa dipake kuliah tiap hari

    btw aku follow blog kamu, say... Followback ya kalo ga keberatan ^^

  2. I would say mine will be nude attitude. Salam kenal. I am new to IBB abt 3 weeks now. Pls check out my blog and let's follow each other? What do u say? Let's support bloggers right :)

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  3. you have to try almost nude then combine with colorburst lipgloss rosegold!!
    my HG lipstick n lipgloss ever <3

    1. from seeing the lipstick swatches online, I have a feeling it will bring out the yellow in my skin not in a good way.. that kind of color always does that to me..
      anw thx for the info :)

  4. I love revlon lippie too!! ^^
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