Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hong Kong Beauty Haul

Hey guys.. just sharing beauty stuff that I bought in Hong Kong. I went a little crazy because of the price haha. They have so many beauty stores (SASA, Colourmix, Bourjois, Facess, etc) selling from drugstore to high end with huge variety. Basically, I think most of the Japanese brand are cheaper, some US brand are fairly priced, but french skincare brand (Caudalie and may be others) are more expensive. I have to ban myself from beauty shopping until Chinese New Year haha. I guess my biggest finding was a Chanel purse I've been looking for months or perhaps years. I've been looking for the black caviar leather, but I always find them either in caviar/lamb, but never in black. So, when I saw one and the airport store, I knew I had to get it! This will replace my current Prada purse, and I will sell this baby. A girl doesn't need 2 purses, right? :)
Anyway, these are what I got in Hong Kong

- Hair thingy for voluminous bun. I hate teasing my hair
- Caudalie brightening serum and the free sample
- Shu Uemura Mon Shu Cleansing Oil, Eye Shadow Palette, Pro Gel Cealer (loveee...), Eyelash Glue, free make up bag and some samples. I also got my brow done at their brow bar for HKD 250 and it's fully redeemable on product. SCORE
- L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow
- Benefit cream eyeshadow in skinny jeans
- Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Mirifique. I'm still bitter cause I couldn't find the Illusoire while unpacking my bagage :(
- Spoolie from SASA
- Jill Stuart Eye Jelly
- Limited edition Rose Gold Burberry Body EDP and some sample spray.. this will be good for handbag
- Chanel Notorious
- Kanebo Media Eyebrow Liquid. This is the only product I use
- Kanebo Lavshuca Eyeshadow
- Kanebo Kate Eyeshadow
- Random nail remover from SASA. I've been very curious with similar item from Bourjois, but it's hard to get. Basically, you stick your finger in the sponge, twist and you got clean nails. It's very cheap  around HKD 20-23 and works well, but the packaging is really bad. As you can see I had to tie it with a hair band, so it won't dry out
- Dior Cannage Couture Palette
- My holy grail eyelid tape - Nexcare
- Shiseido Eyebrow Trimmer. There are 3 of them in the set, but I already use one. I like the clip closure and they're very sharp
- Very cheap eyelash from SASA, cost HKD 58 for 10 pairs

That's all for now. Let me know if you wanna see some swatches or review




  1. aihh banyak banget perlengkapan perang semua itu hihihi >.<,ditunggu reviewnya ya dear ^_^

    main" ke blogku kalau sempat yah ^_^

  2. Racun nih. Langsung hubungin mama yang lagi ke HK buat nitip :p

    main ke blogku.

    1. iya sis, mumpung byk Christmas edition jg hehe

    mantap haul nya.. :D

  4. Replies
    1. that one is duty free special, get it when u're at the airport! I think it's a great value hehe :)