Friday, August 10, 2012

Wondering... Exfoliating stuff

Funny thing happened when I was in Taipei, Taiwan last month. I was strolling around the beauty counter in Breeze Plaza, and there was some sales person offering free serum sample (forget which brand), so I took it…who wouldn’t?  Of course, this sales girl lured me into the counter (I couldn’t say no after that haha). Since I can’t speak Chinese and she can’t speak English, she just squirt a gel like exfoliating stuff on my left hand and demonstrate how it works. It’s one of those typical gentle exfoliating gel that supposedly remove dead skin cells, evident by the tiny white balls on my hand.

Just a few hours later, I went to Sogo and another sales person from Coni gave free eye mask and took me to her counter, then also squeezed her own gel like exfoliating stuff on my left (same) hand. After a few hours of exfoliation, I expected that there shouldn’t be any white balls of dead skin. However… it did!! This made me wonder whether any of this stuff (from other brands, too) really works? Does it become those tiny balls after the rubbing or it really break the dead skin? I mean, my skin wouldn’t regenerate that fast, is it? My hand did feel softer after both application, but I’m not sure whether it really does what it claims… EXFOLIATION.

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